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john morrison

john morrison ; the shaman of sexy.
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John Morrison
Welcome to johnmorrison

thank you to mylittleisland for the badass .gif

Weight: 223 pounds
From: Los Angeles
Signature Move: Starship Pain, The Moonlight Drive
Career Highlights: ECW Champion; Intercontinental Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion
WWE Debut: April 2005
Entrance Video: WATCH

John Morrison endured a personal evolution of sorts after capturing the vacated ECW Championship at Vengeance: Night of Champions. The Tuesday Night Delight, formerly known as Johnny Nitro, officially renamed himself John Morrison, his given birth name, on the historic July 17, 2007, edition of ECW. Morrison had reached the peak of his fame with the ECW Championship and he believed he could "be himself" from that point, forward.

Shortly thereafter, Morrison found unexpected success alongside another brazen, rising star in the Land of the Extreme, The Miz. The unlikely tandem secured the WWE Tag Team Championship on SmackDown territory following the unique talent exchange arrangement between SmackDown and ECW managing officials. The Shaman of Sexy's vanity reached new heights, much like his sports-entertainment career.

And Morrison has good reason to be confident. He has never been too far away from gold since his debut in 2005, capturing tag team gold as well as the Intercontinental Championship. The Shaman of Sexy was ultimately drafted to ECW during the 2007 Supplemental Draft on WWE.com, and his career was given new life. As the world can now see, Morrison has taken full advantage of his extreme home, and ECW may never be the same.

Alongside The Miz, John Morrison secured the WWE Tag Team Championship on SmackDown territory following the unique talent exchange arrangement between SmackDown and ECW managing officials. They later held the World Tag Team Championships, and nearly became the Unified Tag Team Champions, making their Superstar alliance one of the great tag teams in recent memory. The dynamic duo achieved even greater success with their hit WWE.com Exclusive show “The Dirt Sheet,” which not only produced some of the funniest moments in the history of the site, but also helped to make them into Slammy Award winners.

When the 2009 WWE Draft brought this “bro-mance” to an abrupt end, Morrison headed to SmackDown, where he has quickly begun making an even bigger impact than ever before. In perhaps the biggest match of his career, Morrison dethroned Rey Mysterio on SmackDown on Sept. 4 to begin a two month reign as Intercontinental Champion.



Hi, we're johnmorrison, and although we started off as a humble little hideout but now we've grown to a large Palace of Wisdom consisting of over 150 Mofos! We're also the first, the only, and the best community dedicated to the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison.

The community has open membership, so anyone is more than welcome to enter the palace. But, as they say, the path to enlightenment begins with a single step. In this case, it's reading and being aquainted by the community rules:

» Bashing of any sort towards John Morrison is completely unacceptable at the Palace of Wisdom. Doing so will result in an instant ban.

» Please be nice and respectful towards other members of the community. Trolling, baiting, flaming and hostile behaviour in general will also not be tolerated.

» Results, digitals, picspams, graphic posts, videos, spoilers etc must be placed under a cut.

» All entries must be tagged accordingly with the correct subject matter.

» Promoting and affiliating with other LJ communities is allowed, but please ask one of the maintainers for permission beforehand, and communities must be wrestling related only.

» Have fun!

Now go, join johnmorrison and feel the power of wisdom!


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